Small geographical country
with enormous possibilities

We are a nation proud of our education, health, quality and productivity.

The importance of our human talent relies on providing our society with wide health care system coverage, high quality education and labor growth opportunities. Our stability as a nation has proven, along the years, that we are a top choice for providing reliable and responsible high quality services for diverse industries around the globe.

We stand out because of our delivery of timely and valuable results, powered by our innovative culture.

Costa Rica’s nearshore location makes it an ideal choice since we share similar time zones and cultures. Although it is a Spanish-speaking country, English language education starts at an early age resulting in a high proficiency level on a significant percentage of the population.

Our history of democracy and social stability are elements that have facilitated our outstanding development.

Great potential

top 5 outsourcing city of latin america
Top 100 SUPER CITIES, Tholons 2018
1rst country for future FDI
Financial Times: FDI Intelligence, 2015/2016
Ranking#1 in LATAM in Skills of graduates, secondary- education, university graduates and as skills of current future workforce.
World Economic Forum, The Global Competitiveness Report 2018
1st outsourcing city
Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations Tholons 2016
top seven city of LA
Financial Times: FDI Intelligence, 2015-2016
san jose best hub for life science
The World’s Most Competitive Cities 2015, Conway
top choice global business
The Hackett Group, 2013
Global Best to Invest
The Global Best to Invest, Site Selection Magazine 2016

Why Costa Rica

Currently, almost 300 high-tech multinational companies are operating in Costa Rica.
Robust utilities infrastructure. Almost 100% of energy is renewable. Redundant telecommunications Access.
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Exceptionally talented and bilingual young workforce. Almost 100% of the employees in multinational companies are local.
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Quality of life in Costa Rica is high. Safest country in Latin America.
multilingual person
Nearshore location: in the middle of the Americas, cultural affinity, ease of logistics and communications: training, visits & governance. Less travel time from Costa Rica to major US cities vis-à-vis East to West coasts in the US.
Excellent business climate based on a renowned democratic tradition, economic and political stability. An attractive tax incentives package.

3 Reasons to do business in Costa Rica

1.We have the right conditions that allow companies to grow with the right talent

Best educational system in Latin America
Above France, India, China, and Philippines (WEF, 2016-17)
English proficiency in Latin America
Second in TOEFL test (ETS, 2016)
2nd in innovation in Latin America
Global Innovation Index 2018
Impressive 536% increase in university graduates between 1993 and 2015
CINDE based on data from CONARE, 2015

Costa Rica talent leads in Latin America for its high-educational standards and outstanding productivity levels as recognized by the World Economic Forum. These capabilities are the expected outcome of a historical commitment to pursue greater economic growth and higher living standards through an energetic and widespread educational policy at all levels of instruction where Costa Rica allocates over 7% of its GDP

2.Your partner for business success

Ideal location to access main markets: at the heart of the Americas, with the same time zone as the USA and easily servicing the EU.
The most competitive incentives to invest in the region: Costa Rica’s Free Trade Zone Regime (FTZ) offers a competitive set of benefits and tax incentives that meet World Trade Organization regulations.
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A multifunctional and multilingual services industry: Costa Rica delivers on a wide range of highly complex and sophisticated processes. Over 75 business processes in 10 different languages.
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Pay to productivity: The output per employee has increased 97% since 2005 to position Costa Rica as #1 in pay to productivity relation in LATAM. (WEF 2016-2017)
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